Kosciusko Thredbo Pty Ltd   Feasibility study

Thredbo Alpine Resort NSW

  Installation and operation of two pilot schemes including supply of snowgun hardware.
Staff training in snow making techniques.
Victoria Alpine Resorts Commission,
Mt Hotham Alpine Resort, Victoria
  Staff training in snow making techniques.
Ski Trac International
Upper Mt Gravett, Queensland
  Design and Joint World patent of snow making chamber for indoor ski arena.
Design of fully computerized ski hire integrated to indoor ski arena.
Design of grooming system for indoor ski arena.
W & G Promotions Pty Ltd
Corin Forest
Canberra ACT
  Feasibility Study.
Selection of site.
Design and operation of pilot snow making system.
Design of snow making system for 12 hectare ski slope.
Supply of snowgun hardware.
Perisher Smiggins Alpine Resort
Perisher Valley, NSW
  Staff training in snow making.
Supply of snowgun hardware.
Trinity Projects Pty Ltd
Hobart, Tasmania
  Feasibility study of 6 hectare outdoor site with snowmaking as part of proposed major project involving scenic cable car- Mt Wellington, Hobart, Tas.
P.T. Marina City Development
Batam Island Resort, Indonesia
  Supply of snowgun hardware for operation in pilot indoor ski arena using cryogenic snowmaking techniques.
Operation of hardware and preparation of trouble shooting report.
Tiffindell Ski Limited, South Africa   Supply Tower and Ground snowguns; develope snowmaking manual; train snowmakers; increase snowmaking operations using Woomera high temperature techniques.
Black Mountain, New Hampshire   Supply Tower and ground snowguns; train staff in snowmaking.
Moon Events, Mumbai, India   Three cryogenic snowmaking events and train staff in cryogenic snowmaking.
Snow World, Ocean Park Multitech
Hyderabad, India

Supply indoor and cryogenic snowmaking and control equipment, consulting and training staff of India's first and only indoor snow facility.